Journey through The Surosowan

The Surosowan tells a story. A story about a culinary vision that not only establishes a higher standard of a dining experience, but also immerses our guests deep inside to our chosen narrative. Our concept was not solely created to only focus on food that was obligated to go above and beyond the standard of fine dining tastes, but we also focus on the design and presentation so that our guests would feel right at home in an upscale dining space that would convey a sense of homeliness.


The Surosowan has a timeless, sophisticated, and welcoming setting by using deep accent colours of woods and solid steal materials combined with greenery for balancing out the natural vibe. From the moment guests arrive, they will immediately enjoy an experience that allows them to discover our incredible view overlooking the golf field, while taking them back to see the old Banten heritage from pictures and paintings. Whether guest are celebrating an occasion with colleagues, family or enjoying a special night with a significant other, the Surosowan’s aesthetic motif and cuisine weaves a story through it’s every taste and touch.


The name Surosowan was directly taken from one of the palace in Banten called Surosowan. Surosowan, is a combination of two words, “Suro” and “Sowan”. The word “Suro” comes from the Arabic word “Ashura” which means the tenth (10th day of the Suro month) which referred to as a holy month. The word “Sowan” is one of the Javanese words Krama alus which has the meaning of meeting or catching up.


So the meaning of “Surosowan” ia a sacred place for meeting with work colleagues, relatives, family and new people. In another word, meeting up with people at The Surosowan will bring good luck, great opportunity and positivity. Surosowan will be used as a second home which prioritizes comfort, family and openness for everyone who visits The Surosowan.